Welcome to my e- portfolio. My intent in providing this is to introduce myself to you, both professionally and personally.

I am employed by Sofia University as an associate core faculty for the global master degree program in the Creativity and Innovation Focus. I currently teach the three core creativity courses, the final thesis paper, and the Ecopsychology elective. I also advise students in the creativity focus. I have taught and advised students in the first year foundational transpersonal psychology courses as well as teaching the second year courses spiritual practice, practicum, and showcase portfolio. These courses are taught through a variety of cultural lenses and are a wonderful education in pyscho-spiritual development across the lifespan.

I have also worked with the Spiritual Paths Institute as a consultant for program and curriculum development.   I enjoy sharing my leadership experience through consultation work and mentoring.

I have a unique blend of education, teaching, mentoring, and leadership experience. The alchemical blending of my education and experiences has nurtured a deep respect for life and relationship, as well as a passion for creative expression and Earth. All this lends perspective, curiosity and broad context to my teaching style.  I intend to contribute to the creation of a balanced, holistic and integrated personal and professional life for my students and myself.

I value multi-cultural and multi-generational perspectives and alternative ways of knowing.  My passions are nature photography and writing, and facilitating other people's engagement with Earth and creative expression and process. I value listening; recognizing our ability to transform through the deep listening offered within the creative process and in nature.

Thank you for taking time to visit my site! I hope you enjoy it.