Master of Transpersonal Psychology (MTP); Institute of Transpersonal Psychology now Sofia University

     Concentration: Creativity and Innovation with Ecopsychology & EcoSpirituality

Ordained Multi-Cultural Minister (MTP), Center of Sacred Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Geography from The University of California, Santa Barbara Focus: Earth and atmospheric science, Remote Sensing



Registered Expressive Arts Consultant / Educator (REACE) The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

InterSpiritual Meditation, The Spiritual Paths Institute

Transpersonal Psychology Certificate, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology which is now Sofia University

Non Profit Leadership Certificate, Ventura County Community Foundation and Cal Lutheran

Interact Certificate; Ventura County Human Resources (communication and mentoring)

Leadership and Mentoring Certificate, University of California, Santa Barbara



Zen and Nature: Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain. Two day workshop.

Sacred Relationships: Mark Brady, Ph.D. Ongoing Bi-weekly webinar spiritual guidance and training.

Transpersonal Alliance Webinars: quarterly


Whole Heartedness:  Mark Brady, Ph.D. Ongoing weekly webinar spiritual guidance and training.

Transformational Resilience Training webinar: The Resource Innovation Group  4 week webinar

Indigenous Roots of Expressive Arts Therapy: Transformation, Social Justice and Social Change-Globally and Locally, The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, Oct 4-8, 2017 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Enchantivism: Changing the World with Story, Myth, and Inspiration, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Craig Chalquist, Ph.D  (4 weeks)

Soul Companioning. Center Quest. March 2017 (4 weeks)

Transpersonal Alliance Webinars: quarterly


Whole Heartedness:  Mark Brady, Ph.D. Ongoing weekly webinar spiritual guidance and training.

Ecopsychology Network gathering of Southern CA. at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara

EcoTherapy: Nature Reconnection as a powerful, transformational healing practice. Pacific Graduate Institute 3 day workshop with Linda Buzzell, MA, LMFT, PDC.

The gift of the embodied shadow: Identifying and integrating our shadow parts. American Dance Therapy Association webinar.


Ancient Sacred Formation Training: 6 sessions,  Waymatea Ellis through Center for Sacred Studies

EcoSattva Training: sessions (Joanna Macy, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams Adam Lobel and others).

Sofia University seminar titled:  Innovative Trends in Transpersonal Teaching and Learning. Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada. Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park, Ca. (participant and instructor)

John Muir: Spirituality and Environment-going out is going in-nature as a spiritual experience. Conference at La Casa De Maria Santa Barbara, CA.

Embracing Mystery: Surrendering to the present moment, discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary. Sofia University week long seminar. (participant, presenter, instructor)

Heart Initiation: Developing Contemplative Soul Presence, New York Open Center, Robert Sardello PhD (webinar)

Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing, Sandra Ingerman, MA, Shift Network (7 weeks)


Learning the life force: Jeanne Denny, MA,   (4 part webinar)

Therapy and Imagination: New York Open Center, Leonard George PhD (webinar)

Gratitude: Opening Our Hearts to the Sacred Seminar, Sofia University (4 days). (participant,  Embodying our Dreams: Giving voice to our stories and shaping our visions, Sofia University (4 days) (participant and instructor).



Mindfulness Awareness Practices II, UCLA Semel Institute (MARC) (6 weeks).


Active Hope, Joanna Macy, New York Open Center.


Poetry and Self Discovery, Bill E. Goldberg, MFT at La Casa De Maria, Santa Barbara, CA.


Mindfulness Practice for Daily Living I, UCLA Semel Institute (MARC) (6 weeks).


Practicing Shamanism in the 21st Century, Sandra Ingerman, M.A. New York Open Center (2 weeks).


The Wisdom of the Mystics: Hildegard of Bingen, Meister Eckhart and Julian of Norwich: Matthew Fox, PhD. New York Open Center.


Earth as Soul Care Matrix: The Wild Heart of Ministry. Abbey of the Arts: Soul Care Institute (6 weeks).


The Mystic Heart: The Divine, Earth and Humanity - An Exploration of Ecospirituality, Eco-Awareness. One Spirit Seminary, New York (4 weeks).  presenter, instructor)



Live it to Give it: Abby of the Arts: Soul Care Institute (6 weeks).

Celtic Spirituality: As it was, as it is. Fionntulach; Teacher and head of the Order of Ceile De.Sponsored byLa Casa De Maria, Santa Barbara, CA. (3 days).

The Wisdom of the Thirteen Grandmothers: To light the way forward: Shift Network (7 week course).

InterSpiritual Meditation Teacher Training: Ed Bastian, PhD. Spiritual Paths Institute (2 days).

Beauty: Pilgrimage to the Soul Seminar: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (5 days). (participant, presenter, instructor)

Way of the Monk, Path of the Artist: Abbey of the Arts (12 weeks).


Attention, Intention-Awakening to Joy & Aliveness Seminar: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (3 days).

The Four Elements: An Amplification of the Symbolic Process:  Jungian Institute of Los Angeles (4 weeks).

Embodying the Dream: Imagination, Intuition, and Direct Knowing Seminar: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (3 days).

Inter-Spiritual Meditation: A seven part process from the world's spiritual tradition: Ed Bastian, PhD. Spiritual Paths Institute (8 weeks).


Transpersonal theory, practices and application Seminar: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (3 days).

Collage: Doorway to Self: Jungian Institute of Los Angeles


The work that re-connects: Joanna Macyat the Ojai Foundation

Sacred Art of Dying Module 3: Sacred Art of Living-Center for Spiritual Formation (2 days).

Transpersonal Psychology: Maturing practices and applications Seminar: Institute o

Transpersonal Psychology (5 days).

Earth, creativity and the awakening Seminar:  Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (5 days).

Transpersonal education and wisdom Psychologies, embodiment, advancement and application.  Seminar: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology(5 days).