I am currently an associate core faculty at Sofia University in the hybrid Master's degree program. My work includes teaching core curriculum in the Creativity and Innovation focus as well as advising students in that focus using a variety of creative methods to discover and further their goals and aspirations.  I am honored to be working with people from around the world, and feel confident in my one on one and group teaching abilities.  

My strength in the Creativity focus lies in my background in creative expression, my education (both master's degree and ongoing), and my work both as student and instructor in the Creativity and Innovation focus in Sofia University Master's program.

In addition, my present and prior education and work experience have provided me an extensive human development background including psycho-spiritual development across the lifespan. This includes experience in teaching, mentoring, advising, collaborating and training in public service and at the university level.

I have trained and mentored others to navigate personnel issues including interviewing, hiring, and counseling. These activities are foundational as the integrity expressed in leadership ripples into the everyday of the employee, to their family and into the community.

In my former leadership positions, I anticipated and responded to public needs while representing an elected official in media interviews, meetings and educational seminars. I served as liaison to the California state governing board, as well as to the office of emergency services during natural disasters.  It was essential to provide clarity in communication through verbal, written and listening skills. I found it rewarding to facilitate understanding and common ground with diverse individuals and groups.

I am able to recognize issues of concern while responding with creativity and flexibility. Other areas of strength are in project management, career path design, budget and workload projections. I have also earned multiple certificates in leadership and mentoring, and a certificate in non-profit leadership.  

The  Creativity and Innovation  focus increases my recognition of the creativity inherent in leadership and mentoring roles through the actions of orchestration, communication, group processes, human development, collaboration, consensus building and peace facilitation. My education and current work support my vision of leadership and add depth and insight into the many ways I can help foster creativity in the workplace and in the world