I believe that personal and collective growth is influenced by our daily expression in the world. Choosing to practice and mentor authenticity, respect, compassion, gratitude, creativity and lovingkindness contributes to joyful holistic development.

Engaging with these qualities on a deep level facilitates deeper trust in relationship as it strengthens our experience of interconnection and our ability to experience and share peace.  It is in this engaged environment that spirit has a voice and creativity synergy is born.  We begin to work in harmony towards a shared vision. We see beyond our literal interpretations to the deeper images and meanings that nourish the soul.  As we experience an increased awareness and enlivenment, we seek to express this understanding in our larger communities thus contributing to others' well-being and the well-being of our planet.

I also have a heartfelt affinity for deep listening and authentic response. I value and mentor other ways of self-knowing.  For example, I walk in nature with others to foster connection with Earth and to enrich inner creativity. As Earth has her seasons, we too have our creative cycles experienced through rest, release and renewal.  I am always inspired by our capacity to reach into our life experiences, bringing them into form through creative expression; transforming lives through our imagination, vision and service.