I experienced joy during the creative process of this small acrylic piece. It is not representational, and looks very little like the original scene. The location is a beach abutting a small village in central California that was my childhood home. I hold deep love for this area and happened upon the scene during a twilight hour when the light was perfect for photography.  The beautiful photograph held such energy for me that I decided to attempt a painting using acrylics.

It was through this process I first experimented with following the image, and came to realize that image has a life of its own (Aizenstat, 2010).  The image was alive!  As I surrendered to it, I was lead through a creative process that was informative as well as joyful. The colors in this piece follow the image as its speaks, rather than imposing colors to match the scene.

An additonal gift was the recognition of Abram's (1993) concept that location contains a mood, or moods brought about by the winds, birds, cloud patterns, lighting etc.  When I am attentive to the mood of the Land or Sea versus perceiving only through my eyes or projection, my artistic choices will alter to reflect that mood.  This brings me to a deeper awareness, understanding, and compassion for the land and seascape in which I am embedded. 

The result that emerged from this process was both more than, and less than, what I perceived with my eyes alone.