This piece was an exploration into other ways of knowing, healing and experiencing through creative expression. I was experimenting with various creative mediums from the perspective of the creative process. I became aware that each medium brought a different essence to the fore that might be cultivated by the artist, and also deeply informing. 

The majority of my creative expression was through painting mediums, which offer fluidity and flow. Painting taught me to trust and enjoy the chaos inherent in the creative process. In contrast, glass mosaic work requires a much slower process, deliberate planning and caution due to the sharp glass. The slowing processes drew out the gestation period and nurtured a meditative quality that was healing. Today, I find the calming and quieting process assist me when I feel tired or too busy.

The topic of this piece, the Sacred Tree, was chosen because it is a symbol in many cultures, religions and myths. In a diverse group it would be interesting to explore how each person perceives and expresses the symbol of the tree from their own unique background, be it Judaism, Shamanism, Celtic, Native American, Christian, Sufi, Secular etc.